For organisations that need assistance to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales and marketing functions; Paul Burwood brings a strategic yet pragmatic view gained through 25+ years of diverse commercial experience with a wide variety of professional services and high technology businesses.

Paul spent his career taking products, services and solutions to market, on both a direct selling basis and indirectly, by creating end-user (b2b) or consumer (b2c) demand and then fulfilling the supply of the product or service through a single or dual tier distribution channel.

At Hewlett-Packard he ran and turned around a number of poorly performing sales and marketing organisations as well as setting up routes-to-market in "green field" situations. He established a collaborative venture between HP and Nokia in the emerging machine-to-machine market. Paul went on to run the global sales and marketing organisation at UIQ Technology, a Motorola : Sony Ericsson joint venture.

Responsible at Ernst & Young for international business development, Paul pioneered taking EY’s professional services to market through third parties.

In addition to his corporate background he has also worked in a number of start-up and early stage companies, such as Review Scanner Ltd and TigerTag Inc. where he has held board and advisory positions. This experience ensures that a strategic approach quickly leads to a pragmatic set of actions.

His intention is always to work with clients so practical knowledge is transferred to the organisation ensuring its continued success. He ensures that processes that are put in place have measurement and reporting tools attached, as we all know that “what gets measured gets done”.

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